Natural Arch in Afghanistan One of World's Largest

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Natural Arch in Afghanistan One of   World's Largest
(March 31, 2011)   -   Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society have stumbled upon a geological colossus in a remote corner of Afghanistan: a natural stone arch spanning more than 200 feet across its base. Located at the central highlands of Afghanistan, the Hazarchishma Natural Bridge is more than 3,000 meters (nearly 10,000 feet) above sea level, making it one of the highest large natural bridges in the world. It also ranks among the largest such structures known. "It's one of the most spectacular dis...


Predator-Proof Corrals in Wakhan

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Predator-Proof Corrals in Wakhan
(March 07, 2011)   -   Every month, WCS receives numerous letters from the local communities along the Wakhan Corridor, asking WCS for their help following incidents of predation. In remote, subsistence communities such as those in Wakhan, a family’s whole economic security is centered around their livestock which are used for cropping, transportation, trade and for their meat and skins. However, when predators such as wolves and snow leopards lose significant parts of their habitat and prey, they are left with ...


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